PC Repair

Since 2002, we have been the number one PC Computer repair shop in Western North Carolina. We have a team of trained PC specialists ready to help diagnose and resolve any issues that your Windows machine may have.

Diagnostic time for PC’s is currently 2 to 3 business days.

Below is a list of our most popular PC repair and maintenance services, but we are by no means limited to these items. We are always glad to work together with you to find the best solution to any computer-related problems you may face.

PC Diagnostic

Let us do a full checkup on your computer. We can determine what needs to be fixed, what can be upgraded, and let you know when it’s time to move to a new machine. If your computer requires additional repairs, the diagnostic fee is applied to your final labor charge.

Virus Removal & System Tune-up

If your system is slowing down or acting strangely, you may be the latest victim of a virus or spyware infection. In most cases, we can remove the infection and get things back to normal. Along the way, we will also get your OS up to date and test your hardware.

Data Transfer

Let us help you move your digital life from your old computer to the new one.

Repair of damaged power jack

Accidents happen – sometimes your kids trip over your laptop cord or you forget your computer is plugged in when you pick it up. Over time these accidents can lead to a damaged power jack on your laptop. We can repair or replace your power jack.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive has already failed, we will attempt an advanced level of data recovery.

Computer Screen Repair

Replace your broken or damaged laptop computer screen. (Note: we are NOT working on Touch Screens at this time).

Hardware Upgrades or Replacement

Add more RAM, a bigger hard drive, a faster SSD drive, a new video card, replace a keyboard or trackpad.


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