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Apple Manuals

We often get the question, “Does this (Mac, iPad, etc.) come with a manual?” The answer to that is that there is little to no printed documentation with new electronic products. Even IF there was a manual in the box, it would be out of date as soon as the first update rolled in.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any documentation. It’s just going to be digital. We have known about a few of these manuals (like iPad and iCloud) for some time, but we didn’t know that Apple had online manuals for almost ALL of their software. This means you could do something like pull up Mac Pages help on your iPad and be reading while you work.

Here is a little index of the ones we have found so far:

2024 Update: General info about all Apple Devices:


Welcome to macOS –
New to Mac –
General Manual – Finder… Help… Mac Help
Mac Photos Manual –
Mac Pages Manual –
Mac Numbers Manual –
Mac Keynote Manual –
Mac iMovie Manual –
Mac Garageband Manual –
Mac iTunes (Mojave & earlier) Manual –
Mac Music (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Safari (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Podcasts (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Apple TV App (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac News (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Stocks (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Voice Memos (Sonoma) Manual –
Mac Final Cut Pro X Manual –
Mac Logic Pro X Manual –
Mac iBooks Author Manual –

iPad General Manual –
iPad Photos Manual – part of the general manual above
iPad Pages Manual –
iPad Numbers Manual –
iPad Keynote Manual –
iPad Garageband Manual –
iPad iMovie Manual –

iPhone General Manual –
iPhone Photos Manual – part of the general manual above
iPhone Pages Manual –
iPhone Numbers Manual –
iPhone Keynote Manual –
iPhone Garageband Manual –
iPhone iMovie Manual –

iCloud for macOS and iOS

Apple Watch

Apple TV

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