What’s New in Sierra (and What’s Next?) Seminar Notes

Below is Tom’s outline for the “What’s New in Sierra?” Seminar.

Also… at the bottom of this post you will find the article and two videos that he used as his primary references, as well as a couple of troubleshooting references.


05-11-2017 Update: Sierra has now been out for almost 8 months, and has been updated 4 times. On June 5th at 1PM EST, Apple will be announcing what’s coming after Sierra [06.05.17 – It’s “High Sierra”], with a rollout a few months after that. If you haven’t upgraded to Sierra yet, now is a good time to take the plunge. We highly recommend that you have a backup of your Mac, and verify that your computer has Flash or SSD storage to maintain optimal speed. Call us at 828-225-6600 regarding an SSD upgrade for your older Mac.



  • Find Files (unique to Mac) “Show me files I have worked on in the last 3 months.”
  • Find Photos (works on iOS too)
  • Reminders, Messages, etc. (“What can you do?”)
  • Command Space to invoke Siri
iCloud Drive
  • Desktop & Documents (monthly fees will apply)
  • All those Docs will be available on iPhone, iPad and other Macs
Optimized Storage
  • (About This Mac… Storage… Manage…)
  • Reduce Clutter
  • Empty Trash Automatically
  • Not just for Safari & Finder anymore.
  • Should work with any program.
    • Settings for this are in System Preferences… Dock…
Picture in Picture
  • Trick for using this in YouTube – Right Click… Right Click Again.
Auto Un-lock
  • (Requires Mac 2013 or newer)
  • Check Box in System Preferences… Security… General…
  • May require reboot of all 3 devices plus one final login
  • Rebooting your computer requires log-in once
  • Switching users requires manual log-in(?)
Universal Clipboard
  • (Requires Mac 2012 or newer; watchOS 3)
  • Now compatible with iOS 10
  • Places
  • Memories
  • Skimming Albums
  • Search for categories like: horses, sunsets, water, etc
  • Folders on top – Finder Prefs… Advanced
  • Auto-correct now has separate options – Sys Prefs… Keyboard… Text
  • Collaboration
  • Sort by Unread (and other ways)
  • Enable Adobe Flash in Preferences… Security…
What’s Next? : macOS High Sierra

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