iPad Social Featured Apps

iPad Social Featured Apps

Adobe Ideas app on the iPad

It is a difficult task to choice which Apple iPad apps to feature in our upcoming social, with some many new and interesting apps available, each serving a slightly different role.

Art Apps

Time to drop that mouse and start drawing like you used to. There are a wide range of art apps that are worth using, here are a few of the iPad art apps that I tend to use most often.

Anyone interested in learning more about working with Adobe Photoshop Touch app for the iPad should enroll in the March 22 class: iPad – Adobe PS (Photoshop).

Useful iPad Apps

Track the news topics that more interests you with Flipboard, and save the articles you like with Pocket.

Gardening Toolkit HD

The Gardening ToolKit HD iPad app is for the Gardeners – track your plants, with an interactive journal and informational resource and image gallery. Here is a video that features some of the time saving tools from this powerful gardening app.

Top Apps from Apple for your iPad

The Apple iMovie app was the app that had me sold. Never before was video so easy to capture, edit and share. If you know music, GarageBand is a breast of an app, if you don’t know music, GarageBand is still really fun to play with. Keywords is number one for presentations on your iPad.

iPad iMovie App


iPad GarageBand App


iPad Keynotes App

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