iPad Apps for Realtors

iPad Apps for Realtors

Welcome to the Apps Social webpage. Listed below are the apps featured during our September Apps social at Charlotte Street Computers.

  1. Qrafter QRcode scanner
  2. AroundMe App
  3. WalkScore App
  4. MagicPlan App
  5. GooCal
  6. Docusign
  7. Catch or Evernote
  8. Flashlight

1. Qrafter

The first app you need to install is a QR Code (Quick Response code) scanner app. Qrafter is the first QR Code app that is designed for iPad.

With Qrafter you can easily create QR codes for property listing.

If you do not have a bar code scanner – simply click the QR code.

2. AroundMe App

Aroundme APPWith the AroundMe app you can quickly discover with an interactive map information about your surroundings.

Share important information about the proximity of banks, hospitals, coffee shops, pubs, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, theaters and more other local services that you clients may be interested in knowing.

3. Walk Score

Walk Score App Walk Score is similar to AroundMe – Walk Score calculates the walkability of any location and shows you a map of nearby amenities. Great for clients who want to experience downtown living, or simply want to know if they can walk to places of interest, within their neighborhood.

Walk Score includes road directions and public transportation routes.

Walk Score App

4. MagicPlan App

Using your IPAD or IPHONE create floor plans by taking photos of each corner. App works best if you ensure that you stand in the middle of the room when taking the photos.

MagicPlan includes measurement tools on an interactive floor plan, that can then published online, imported into Google SketchUp or AutoCAD. Are simply share as a PDF.Not available on any other smartphone – only available on IPAD or IPHONE devices.

MagicPlan Ipad App

5. GooCal – for Google Calendar

GooCal connects you with you Google Calendar with easy to use tools for access and manage all aspects of your Google calendar. GooCal now also supports multiple accounts and calendars – giving you the ability to create, share and alter information on you calendar.

GooCal also includes an offline mode that jumps into effect when your internet connection has been lost – great tool for when you are in those hard to reach places.

6. Google To Do List App

Google Tasks were designed for mobile devices – organize your To Do list into projects, add reminders and sync with your Google calendar.

7. Docusign

Another App that is only designed to work on the IPAD and iPhone – and is the most electronic signature  app of its kind.

Docusign not only deals with collecting electronic signature, the app also come with the tools for distributing and tracking documents.

9. Catch Notes or Evernote

Both Catch Notes and Evernote are free apps. Capture all of you ideas with these very easy to use apps. Both apps can record you notes as photos, audio recording, written notes and even by your current location. Notes can also be organized and shared.

10. Flashligh

Just a really handy tool to have – a bright light – anytime you need it. Using the light from you iPAD or SmartPhone turn you device Instantly into a light.

Plus – this Flashlight app comes with 30+ light effects (great trick for photographers).

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