Apple NEWS (WWDC – 2016)

Every year Apple hosts an event called the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC for short). Probably not a single person reading this is an App Developer, so why should the rest of us care?

Well… the first event in the Conference, the Keynote address, always gives us tons of information and demonstrations about what new features we will all be getting in the next version of the macOS (that runs all Macs), iOS (which runs iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches), watchOS and the tvOS. And so, even if you are not the least bit curious and can wait until the fall to find out what these features are, this event will remain the best place to learn about these new features. We will come back to this post with a direct link to the video as soon it takes place.

06-13-2016 UPDATE- Apple announced new versions of every operating system for their suite of devices:

See the Keynote HERE:

Or… jump right to the section that interests you here:

macOS SierraFrom 35:30 to 50:16
iOS 10From 50:20 to 103:17
watchOS 3From at 08:32 to 27:33
and tvOSFrom 27:50 to 35:13

10 New Features to iOS 10 were announced:
  1. User Experience50:45 – (Raise to Wake, Redesigned Lock Screen, Redesigned Control Center, Slide to Camera, Slide to Widgets, Rich Notifications, Quick Interaction with Apps & Expanded 3D Touch)
  2. Siri55:22 – (Now open to 3rd Party Apps)
  3. QuickType57:43 – (Siri intelligence in QuickType, Current location, Contact information, Intelligent Scheduling, Calendar Availability, Recent Addresses, Lookup & Multilingual Typing)
  4. Photos59:35 – (Places, Advanced Computer Vision, Face Recognition, Object & Scene Recognition & Memories)
  5. Maps1:06:03 – (All New Design, More Proactive, Suggestions, Better Search, Better Navigation Including Traffic on Route, Quick Controls to Route Details, Search Along Route & Maps is Now Open to Developers)
  6. Music1:09:49 – All New Design
  7. News1:17:01 – (2000 Publications, Sections, Trending, Featured Stories, Subscriptions & Breaking News Notifications)
  8. HomeKit118:50 – (NEW APP called “Home” supports “Scenes”, Control Center, Remote Access & Automation. Besides Garage Doors, Thermostats, Locks, Sensors, Fans, Window Shades, Security, Lights & Outlets, HomeKit now supports new categories like: Air Conditioners, Cameras, Doorbells, Air Purifiers & Humidifers)
  9. Phone1:22:45 – (Voicemail Transcription, VOiP API for 3rd Party Apps,
  10. Messages1:25:00 – (Rich Links, Emoji’s 3x Bigger, Emoji Predictions, Tap to Replace Words with Emojis, Bubble Effects, Invisible Ink, Handwritten Messages & Fullscreen Effects)
macOS Sierra will work with the following Macs:
iOS 10 will work with the following iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices:
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