DNS Malware Attack – Were you infected?

DNS Malware Attack – Were you infected?

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Our expert Adam Fricke spoke with WLOS News 13 about the DNS Changer malware attack. Since 2007, victims of the virus have unknowingly been redirected to data-farming web pages that may have collected all their personal information.

The FBI is currently working on contacting more than 275,000 computer users who have been affected by the DNS Changer infection, many of the users had an illegitimate anti-virus software installed that failed to protect them from malware.


The FBI has established the DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) with a web page to test your computer for the DNS Changer infection – Visit the DCWG website to confirm that your computer is safe: http://www.dns-ok.us/.

Keeping your Computer Safe

At Charlotte Street Computers we keep you safe online by installing the latest virus and spyware protection software. Do not become a victim of “illegitimate anti-virus software“, have one of our trained computer experts install the correct malware protection software for your home or business computer(s).

More Information about the DNS Charger Malware Virus

Want to know more about the history and underground rogue nature of the DNS Changer Malware? Read the FBI DNS Changer Malware Report

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