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Hello, All –
At our core, Charlotte Street Computers has always been a computer repair shop. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced that focus, while presenting unique challenges to keep our customers and our employees safe. As our community and our customers have relied more heavily on their electronics in recent months (and fewer local repair options have been available), we have completed a record number of Apple & PC repairs. Thank you for allowing us the extra time we need to properly diagnose and repair your computer issues.
If you need a repair, it does help us when you schedule your appointment online HERE.  We are accepting walk-in repair check ins. We require a mask to come into the store. If you prefer to talk to a person by phone, please call 828-225-6600. We are still committed to getting back to you by the end of the business day.
We are still an “Apple Premier Partner” for sales of Mac, iPad and Apple Watch, and we DO have some stock. We should note that at the present time our showroom does not have any Macs, iPads or Apple Watches on display, nor do we have a timeline for when we will putting those back out. Meanwhile, our Sales Manager Tom Quinlan has been handling Apple product sales by phone and email. In an effort to keep our overhead low we are not stocking many items, but we might have what you need, and we continue to take orders. Our accessory wall IS still accessible, so if you need a new power cord, adapter, iPhone case, etc., you’re welcome to come on over or give us a call to verify availability. We are humbled by and sincerely appreciate the number of people that have been determined to shop locally and keep dollars in our community. Thank you! Click the button below to schedule a Sales Consultation, or  Click HERE for Sales Details (and Tom’s direct phone line).
We have recently resumed One-on-one tutoring sessions. We will be sanitizing the area after each session & we absolutely require masks for this service. We continue to offer remote sessions for both Mac and PC. Assuming there are not hardware issues with your device, this has been an effective solution for many of our customers in recent months. During a remote session, we have the ability to:

* Remove viruses
* Set passwords
* Figure out why your computer is doing the thing that is making you angry
* Help you download and operate the software that your friends and loved ones are telling you that they want you to use to communicate with them (and teach you how to use it)

We are offering our normal selection of classes online rather than inshop. Details HERE.
Stay clean and connected.