Having spent most of her childhood in various housing projects, Charlotte Street Computers’ CEO Jennifer Mayer has a special place in her heart for the children and families of our community. By bringing her “Pay It Forward” philosophy to Charlotte Street Computers, she is able to reinvest profits directly into community projects. We are proud to support numerous philanthropic causes and organizations throughout Western North Carolina.


In 2007, we founded the Power On Community program in conjunction with the Asheville Community Theatre. In this program, local non-profits are allocated a designated number of tickets to special private performances at the Theatre. The non-profit organizations can then sell those tickets and realize 100% of the profits from those sales.


The primary objective of Power On Community is to provide a mechanism for non-profit organizations in our community to assist each other. The intent is that the organizations will provide this assistance as a part of their normal “day to day” business and that it will not require additional money or programs to be achieved.


In 2008, we founded ecycleme, a drop-off center for out-of-use computer equipment. The purpose here was twofold. We hoped to reduce the amount of computer equipment going into the local landfill, as computers contain many harmful chemicals and metals that are exposed during their destruction. In addition, we began refurbishing some of the late-model computers to be donated to Eblen Charities. In turn, Eblen redistributes those computers to low-income families in the area.


unca computer labIn 2009, we made a significant donation to the UNCA Zeis Science and Multimedia Building. As an alumna of UNCA, Jennifer was very excited to help this institution bring the newest technology to their students. This donation was used to outfit one of two state of the art computer labs made available to UNCA students. And we got this pretty cool plaque, too.


Klondyke Playground

In 2010, while visiting Montford’s Klondyke development, Mrs. Mayer noticed that the community’s only outdoor playground consisted of little more than a slide and some wood chips. Jennifer immediately spearheaded an initiative to install a new play space for the Klondyke children, and the playground came to fruition in 2012.


In addition to the projects listed above, we are also happy to regularly participate in other efforts around the area through donations. Here are just a few organizations we support: YWCA, Meals on Wheels, Children’s Welfare League, Asheville Downtown Association, MANNA Food Bank, Asheville Area Arts Council, WNCAP, Blue Ridge Pride, Asheville Cinema Festival, Mountain Housing Authority, Asheville Free Media, Girls on the Run, Blue Ridge Rollergirls, Colburn Earth Science Museum, Asheville Community Theater, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Isaac Dickson Elementary, Claxton Elementary, Artspace Charter School, Asheville High School, and ASAP Farm Tour.




As a small business, all of our philanthropy must come from our marketing budget, so we can only support those who support us in return. While we truly believe in giving, should we support your cause, organization, or event, we must ask that you would make it a priority to utilize our services over those of our competition. We are especially interested in supporting organizations working in the following areas: health and human services, public education, civic and community involvement, environmental protection, arts and cultural events and campaigns, human and civil rights, and animal rescue. However, we are always open to considering other causes, provided they align with our goals.


To inquire about sponsorship or charitable donations, please email us at and provide detailed information on your event or campaign, contact information (name, phone number, email address), proof of your 501(c)(3) exempt status if applicable, and a list of promotional benefits you are able to offer.