iPad in Business

Apple products provide an incredibly rich user experience – leading the way for personal computing, mobile phones, and mobile computing devices.  With thousands of apps made for business there is an app for just about every task or workflow. Whether you are creating a business presentation, editing a spread sheet or hosting a virtual meeting you’ll discover that these apps transform your everyday business activities into engaging new ways to interact. iPad apps for business simply take the work out of your work.

From small businesses to Global 500 companies, organizations all over the world are using iPad to transform the way they work. iPad is helping companies deliver better service, streamline operations, and empower workforces with critical data and information.

The list below represents some of the industries that are using iPad in business to work more efficiently. Click on your industry to read about how iPads can work for you.

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ipad in business

BYOD. Apple brings productivity to work.

Employees are more productive using the tools they love.  Apple has been a leading force in the bring-your-own-device movement – igniting the flame with iPhone and then with iPad.  With a BYOD policy, employees can use devices they already own and like.  And they’re often more proficient using the products they prefer.

When implementing an employee-owned device policy at your business, security of company data and assets is the foremost concern.  Charlotte Street Computers can help you setup security for any BYOD mobile device.

For more information call our Business Solutions specialist at 828-209-6615.