Google Apps

The Future of Business Productivity

While we know that Google requires no introduction, Google Apps for Business might. Millions of businesses have already chosen Google Apps for Business to help their businesses grow.

Check out this short video below to give you an overview of what it’s all about:

What Is Google Apps?

If you’ve had the pleasure of using Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Drive, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what Google Apps is all about. It’s all of those apps (plus many more) but on steroids. You get access to all of these great services with some extra special Google Apps For Business features such as:

  • You can keep your company’s e-mail address (i.e.
  • 25GB of e-mail storage PER user (say goodbye to having to worry about deleting e-mails to free up space!)
  • Online document, spreadsheet and presentation collaboration tools
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Access and sync your data on ANY device ANYWHERE
  • Best e-mail search on the planet (think Google’s web search is awesome, try using it to search your e-mail!)
  • Easily create websites for your customers and your employees
  • Create easy to use online forms that record responses in a spreadsheet or send them via e-mail
  • Unparalleled

 All for only $5 a month per user!

Tried and True

Charlotte Street Computers switched to Google Apps almost 5 years ago and we couldn’t imagine running our business without it. Being able to securely access to all our e-mail and documents from wherever we are helps us find valuable information faster and get work done quicker, which ultimately helps us be a better business by being able to respond to our customers faster.

Google Knows Internet

Do you know who handles your e-mail, calendars and contacts?  Google is more secure, reliable, accessible and with a more comprehensive suite of services than anyone else out there.

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