Data Storage & Data Backups

data backups It’s no secret that data loss can have a devastating effect on your business. Whether it’s something as simple as accidentally deleting a spreadsheet or losing all your data to fire or theft, data loss can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity or even cause you to go out of business. But don’t worry, no matter where your data lives or what computers you use, Charlotte Street Computers can help keep your data safe.

Local Data Backups

Whether you need your data backed up on an external hard drive, flash drive, RAID,  or over your network, we will find a solution for you.

Off-Site Data Backups

Need to access your files on the go? Cloud backup is more affordable than ever and is also a great way to protect your data against disaster or theft.

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Our Trusted Cloud Partner


Install BackBlaze by clicking the icon, unlimited cloud backup for $5 per month. Safe and Secure. Trusted Partner of Charlotte Street Computers.