Apple in Business

imacRun your business with style and efficiency.

With the Mac, you can create stunning documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, or tap into a vast array of finance, marketing, sales and productivity software. And with iMovie ’09, included with every Mac, almost anybody can deliver video that captures the attention of a wide variety of audiences.

Fit in and stand out.

Incorporating the Mac into an existing PC network is easier than ever. The Mac can connect to virtually any server, share files with nearly any computer, and seamlessly share most printers and other network services.

Make your business safer than ever.

The Mac provides layers of protection built-in so your business can rely on comprehensive security—reducing your worries.

macbook proCollaborate with ease.

The Mac gets your team working together quickly with built-in solutions like email, calendaring, shared address book, video chat and more.

Switching your business over to Apple has never been easier! With the help of Charlotte Street Computers, you will be up and running in no time.

Top 5 Apple In Business Myths:

  1. I can’t run Microsoft Office on my Mac.
    • FALSE: Microsoft produces versions of Office for both Mac and PC.  The latest version, Office for Mac 2016 has all of the fantastic and feature-rich apps you love like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  2. I can’t open PC files on my Mac.
    • FALSE: Office for Mac will read Office files created on either a Mac or a PC. There’s no file conversion required to open or share Microsoft Office files on your Mac. If you have other file types you need to open, in most cases, all you need to do is install the Mac version of the software and you are good to go. What if there is no Mac version? On to the next myth….
  3. I can’t run Windows software on my Mac.
    • FALSE: With the help of Parallels and a copy of Windows, you can run all of your favorite Windows software as if you were still on a PC. Paralells is fast, reliable and many of our Mac business customers use it on a daily basis to get their work done. It’s truly the best of both worlds!
  4. iPads are for playing, not working.
    • FALSE: While business people love to watch Netflix and play Temple Run just as much as everyone else, that doesn’t mean that millions of them aren’t also taking advantage of the iPad’s portability and ease of use to get work done. No matter what industry you are in you’ll find apps to help you get your work done while you’re on the go. Click HERE to see what other businesses are doing with iPads.
  5. Apple products are too easy to use, what if it looks like I’m not working hard enough?
    • TRUE: Our advice? If you’re going to watch Netflix on your giant iMac screen while you’re at work, don’t get caught! That’s one thing our tech support staff can’t help you with.