August 2012 – Computer Training Classes

August 2012 – Computer Training Classes

August – Computer Training Classes and Workshops

We have over 25 classes in August. Discover the world of 3D with our two Google SketchUp classes. Expand your design styles with our four Adobe InDesign classes. Marvel at what you can be done with Google Chrome – it really is more than just another browser.

Our “IPAD For Business class is a great resource for integrating the iPad into your workplace, with tips on how to best work in the cloud, take advantage of suitable business apps and what to expect from your iPad at work.

WordPress users will be happy to learn that our WordPress class, “Tips for Maintaining Your Website” has returned. Including a LARGE list of recommended plugins, SEO rules and tips to keep your website up and active.

For our Apple users, don’t forget our ONE-HOUR MAC CLASSES. With at least three classes a week, you can enjoy a quick crash course on all the Mac / iPad basics (iPhoto, iMovie, Mac OS Basic, IPAD Basics).

Be sure to enroll early as classes do fill quickly.  We’ve recently added a waitlist for the Adobe Illustrator Level 1 class for August 24th, as the class is almost sold out.

Class Date
iPad Basic Aug 1
Google Chrome Aug 2
Adobe InDesign – Level 1 Aug 2
Protect your PC Aug 3
Google SketchUp – Level 1 Aug 3
IPAD for Business Aug 3
Mac OS Basic Aug 6
iPhoto Basics Aug 7
iPad Basics Aug 8
InDesign Level 2 – Working with Master Pages Aug 9
WordPress 2 – Tips for maintaining your website Aug 9
InDesign Level 3 – Working with Styles Aug 10
Mac OS Basic Aug 13
iWork Aug 14
iPad Basics Aug 15
InDesign Level 4 – How to create interactive eBooks Aug 16
Google SketchUp Level 2 Aug 16
Protect your PC (free class) Aug 17
Mac OS Basic Aug 20
iPhoto Basics Aug 21
iPad Basics Aug 22
Adobe Illustrator Level 1 Aug 24
Mac OS Basic Aug 27
iMovie Aug 28
iPad Basics Aug 29
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