Apple Store Asheville NC

Apple Store Asheville NC

Apple Store Asheville NC

Hotels recently reported that chargers are the most commonly left behind item. Airports also report record numbers of computer adaptors and cables left in terminals. The truth is cables are easy to lose. For many, replacing a cable, adapter or charger will begin with the Google search “Apple Store Asheville NC”.

Searching for Apple Store Asheville NC

Newcomers and visitors alike may be surprised to find that there is no official Apple Store Asheville NC. So what are our visiting Apple users to do when in need of Apple products and services? Charlotte Street Computers is your Apple Authorized Service Provider in Western North Carolina.

Perhaps you are in Asheville for business. Maybe you need a replacement MagSafe Power Adapter for your MacBook Pro. Or a Mini DisplayPort to VGA. Or an HDMI adapter for a presentation you are giving. Imagine the stress of finding yourself away from home without the Firewire or Thunderbolt cable you need to get your work done. Maybe you need a Lightning to USB, VGA, DVI or SD Camera adapter for your iPhone or iPad. No need to stress, we have all the most common adapters and cables in stock.

As an official Apple Specialist, we’ll have the official Apple product line to keep you running.

  • Apple parts
  • Apple adapters
  • Apple accessories

Apple Cables / Adaptors sold at the Apple - Apple Store Asheville NC

AppleCare Warranty

Maybe your MacBook Air is in need of service under your AppleCare warranty and time is of the essence. As an official Apple Warranty Repair Center, Charlotte Street Computers has you covered.

Our certified Macintosh technicians can repair your under-warranty Mac in house without voiding your coverage. Apple will pay all repair costs. This also means we’ll typically receive any Apple parts necessary for your repair the day after we complete our diagnostics, which translates to much less downtime for you. In fact, with one of our rental MacBooks, you may be able to turn your Mac over for repair without experiencing any downtime at all.

Apple Store Asheville NCOur customers rate our Apple service extremely well. We are an Apple Premium Service Provider.  This is a status earned by less than 1% of all Apple Service Providers nationwide. We’ve also been voted Best Computer Repair in WNC for 11 years running. Next time you search for “Apple Store Asheville NC” – be sure to stop by Charlotte Street Computers. We have you covered.

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